Maku. Black on Red

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Maku. Black on Red
Maku. Black on Red
Maku. Black on Red
Maku. Black on Red
Maku. Black on Red
Maku. Black on Red
Maku. Black on Red
Maku. Black on Red
Maku. Black on Red
Maku. Black on Red

Choosing between style, comfort, performance, and durability sucks. That's why we made Maku sandals.

Makus replace a few of your other sandals, and take you wherever you want to go. Even if it's to a formal beach party followed by a night hike. And had it rained that night they would've come out of the washing machine like-new, ready to tackle the big city the next day; and the next few years.

Key Benefits

Technical Specs and Features

  • Vegan friendly
  • Water proof, machine washable, and quick drying
  • 10mm thick sole from heel to toe, zero-drop
  • Proprietary sole material developed through 2 years of R&D:
    • Flexible, shock absorbent, lightweight
    • Tuned for ground-feel while eliminating pain from stepping on small objects
    • Industry-setting durability (4-5X Vibram® soles commonly used for similar products1.) No resoling necessary
    • Slip-resistant on wet surfaces
    • Forms to your foot while maintaining 75% of it's original thickness (compared to 40-60% for similar products2)
  • Technical thread design for:
    • A balanced grip for most surfaces
    • Displaces large volumes of water on wet surfaces to further improve slip-resistance
    • Lugs are invisible from the side for a sleek silhouette
  • Lightweight: a Black on Black EU41 (US M8.5/W9.5) is around 310 grams (10.9 oz) per pair
  • Straps made from custom technical nautical fiber originally developed for boating ropes:
    • Industry-setting abrasion resistance
    • Impervious to salt-water and sun
    • Look and feel as soft as cotton (but isn't cotton)
    • Do not shrink when wet (you'll have the same fit wet and dry)
    • Compress and flatten against your skin and between your toes for maximum comfort
    • No sharp edges anywhere, no stitching or knots
    • Dirt and stain repellent fibers
  • Continuous straps are infinitely adjustable:
    • Fits each of your forefoot, heel, and ankle for perfectly fitted sandals unique to your foot
    • Patent-pending RedLink™ fastening system provides infinite adjustment increments without Velcro®, buckles, knots, or loose slack straps
    • Quickly adjust tension for a looser every-day fit or a tighter performance fit. Simply slide the RedLink™ to control tension without taking your Makus off
  • Straps don't touch the ground and won't break due to specifically designed strap grooves that hug them and lift them off the ground. We've seen zero abrasion in ~3 years of wear3
  • Custom-made high-quality footbed:
    • Water-friendly, slip-resistant synthetic premium suede footbed
    • Odor resistant. All materials used naturally resist growth of bacteria that causes bad odors (Not chemically treated so the effect won't fade)
    • Incredibly abrasion resistant
    • Although this footbed is water-friendly and slip-resistant when wet, it's water absorbent and takes about a day to dry depending on weather conditions
  • Heel guard hugs your heel to keep it clean and protect it (especially if you drive a car in sandals)
  • Toe cup reduces reducing frequency of Makus catching the ground while walking

  1 Based on independent 3rd party testing according to ISO standards, compared to Morflex and Newflex materials respectively.
  2 Based on independent 3rd party testing according to ISO standards, compared to Morflex, EVA, and Phylon materials.
  3 Straps tested in real-world conditions and for extended-wear periods approximating 3 years of normal wear. There was no observable abrasion in the straps as a result.

Free Returns & Exchanges, 1-Year Warranty

Curious Red Triple Guarantee:

  1. Try Makus in the wild for 30 days. If you're not trilled, we'll take them back for a full refund. Return shipping on us*.
  2. Free exchanges. Return shipping on us*.
  3. 1-Year Warranty: We'll replace your Makus in case of defects in material or craftsmanship.

* Term and conditions:

  • Customs fees, duties, and tax are the responsibility of the customer. Message us if this is a concern for you (Click the the red circle, bottom right corner.)
  • Our free exchanges policy does not cover ordering multiple sizes or colors with the intention of selecting at least one and returning the rest. In this case, return shipping is not covered and returned Makus need to be unworn.

Shipping and Durations

Standard shipping
(Free for a limited time*)

  • North America: 7-12 business days
  • Europe: 10-15 business days
  • East Asia: 5-10 business days
  • Rest of World: 10-20 business days

Express shipping

  • Worldwide: 3-6 business days
    ($24 for North America and Europe. $39 for Rest of World for one pair*)

We ship to almost all countries, from China at the moment, and until we setup fulfillment centers around the world. We don't yet have a timeline for the fulfillment centers. Message us if you have specific questions regarding your country (Click the the red circle, bottom right corner.)

*Some rare destinations are excluded from free standard shipping. Some rare destinations may be excluded from express shipping or require a surcharge. We will get in touch with you in the rare case that your destination is affected.

*Customs fees, duties, and tax are the responsibility of the customer. Message us if this is a concern for you (Click the the red circle, bottom right corner.)

We're OCD about quality, performance, and design

Curious Red was born out of a passion (compulsion even) for crafting high-quality timeless products designed to delight, be impressively functional, and last for years (and, hence, reduce waste.)

And, there's no better testament to these values than our flagship product: Maku. The All-day, everywhere sandals.

Driven by that ethos, Curious Red stands against fast fashion.

Fast fashion (aka planned obsolescence) is the practice of intentionally limiting the useful life of a product for the purpose of driving more sales. We have gone to extremes to intentionally extend the useful life of Makus. We're sourced and abused some of the best materials available. And when durable materials weren't available, we've developed them ourselves.

This same philosophy will live on in all our products lines.

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