Maku Sandals

The world's most comfortable sandals, designed to last for years of adventure

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Anti-slip rubber footbed Premium synthethic vegan soft suede Premium genuine soft suede
Footbed performs well when wet and is quick drying Footbed performs well when wet, but is slow drying Footbed is slippery when wet
No patina1 Develops a slight natural patina1 develops a strong natural patina1


Sole has strong grip on wet surfaces. Industry-setting durability while remaining flexible, comfortable, and lightweight
10mm sole thickness across, zero-drop
Sandal molds to your foot with time


Vegan-friendly Vegan-friendly Not vegan-friendly
Machine washable2 Machine washable2 Machine washable2
1An impression of the feet on the footbed because of wear. 2Washing instructions: cold water, 15 minutes spin, leave to dry in the shade.